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Your message will be returned by telephone within a few hours.  (Please note the phone numbers below so that you will recognize the call).  If you'd prefer an email or WhatsApp response, kindly mention that below.
Thank you!

Contact Information:

Phone: +52-624-150-3944

WhatsApp: +52-612-137-9249 

Address:  Please see 'Driving Directions'


Every Day

(including Holidays) 

10am - 6pm

By Appointment

*Payment by Cash Only please (either US$ or equivalent MX Pesos)

The Story of How this Website Came to Be...

My name is Jan and I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  I first met Javier in January 2012 when he relieved my chronic shoulder pain (that I'd had for over 20 years) that no other therapist had even come close to doing.

After several years of vacationing in Todos Santos and really getting to know Javier, I'd often stay at the Front Desk of his (original) Spa while he stepped away or was doing massages ~ because his staff spoke only Spanish.  It was during these times that I saw 'first hand' the difference that Javier was making in peoples' lives by relieving their chronic pain.  3 clients in particular stand out (one in a wheelchair).  I offered to build Javier this website because it seemed incredulous (to me) that someone with his amazing rehabilitation massage skills couldn't be found online. 

Javier uses WhatsApp but not email ~ so all 'Contact' messages from this website come to me and I send them to Javier on WhatsApp.  I call him to confirm the details of every appointment and Javier lets me know once he has confirmed with you.

Javier speaks English but doesn't write in English, so it's much better if he can call you back directly, or call you on WhatsApp to schedule your appointment.  If Javier is unable to reach you (twice), or if your phone number is from outside of North America, he will ask me to email you ~ which I do through the Wix app.  Simply hit 'reply' to respond to your email from Spa California (which 'might' land in your spam folder). 


My intention behind this website is for Javier to be able to help more people, who may otherwise never know about him.  Javier is truly a Healer.  If I can help to coordinate your appointment for you by email, I am more than happy to do so (I am typically VERY responsive:).  Kindly ensure that your message includes all necessary information.  Thank You!

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