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The Studio

Spa California Therapeutic Massage is located a 4 minute drive east of 'El Centro' in Todos Santos.

The Owner, Javier Padilla, is well known for his Rehabilitation massage techniques and his ability to relieve chronic muscular pain.  Extensively training in Mexico City in the 1980's and continuing his studies in Ancient Mayan Healing while living in the Yucatan, Javier's decades of experience, as well as his reputation for helping so many people regain their mobility (even when it seemed impossible) created him a referral clientele.

Providing a relaxing environment for his clients, was Javier's initial inspiration behind building the original Spa California (just off the main plaza) in Todos Santos.  When this property sold in late 2016, Javier began building his new location, just east of the town centre (next to his home) to focus exclusively on therapeutic massage.

Because Javier has only recently had an internet presence, almost everyone who has experienced this transformative massage has found Javier through 'word of mouth' or by visiting the original Spa California location. 

If you are suffering from chronic pain or are having issues with your mobility (especially if you have not had results with typical Western modalities), visiting Javier is a 'must do' while you're in Todos Santos.  Javier is an expert in identifying and resolving muscular issues and uses various techniques, including stretching and deep tissue pressure points, to bring the body back into alignment.  Javier's massages are very effective yet quite different from what you might expect when comparing them to typical 'Western' massages.  It is important to be aware of this before scheduling your appointment.

Javier and his Assistant work together and he has personally trained all of his staff in his Swedish, Combination and Medium massage techniques.  

More than two massages at the same time can usually be accommodated with advance notice.

Off-Site massages in the Todos Santos area can easily be arranged (a minimum travel fee of $20/massage applies ~ depending on distance).  Please call Javier directly at +52-612-137-9249 with your exact location. 

Thank you!  

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