Massage Treatments

Your massage will begin with a complimentary 10-15 minute deep tissue pressure point chair massage with Javier to evaluate your alignment and begin to release your neck, back and shoulders ~ prior to your healing treatment. 

Deep Tissue Massage 
Javier's 'Signature' Deep Tissue massage treatment is unlike any other and will truly get to the root of your muscular issues.  If you are experiencing persistent pain and/or mobility issues and can handle deep pressure ~ this very effective treatment is for you.    
60 minutes ~$60USD or 90 minutes ~$75USD 

Swedish Massage
This 'Relaxing' massage just feels good.  If you prefer to have light pressure and are looking for some stress-relief, you'll enjoy this restorative and gentle massage.
60 minutes ~$50USD or 90 minutes ~$65USD

Combination ~ Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage
This 'Combination' massage will address your most pressing muscular issue, while also giving you the relaxation benefits of a gentle massage.
60 minutes ~$55USD or 90 minutes ~$70USD

Medium Massage
This 'Medium' massage is ideal, if you would simply prefer to have medium pressure throughout your massage.
60 minutes ~$55
USD or 90 minutes ~$70USD

Shoulder Pain Relief
Relieving shoulder pain is Javier's most common request, and is most effective when he can work with his clients for at least 30 minutes every 2nd day.  Javier has designed this treatment for clients that are able to see him 3 times within 1 week.
90 minutes+ ~$75USD

Payment by Cash Only please (either US$ or equivalent MX Pesos)

April 2021:  Javier working with a client who has been unable to move his legs since a motorcycle accident 6 years ago.

After having 2 sessions with Javier at the Studio and experiencing some movement, Javier was invited to stay at their home in San Jose del Cabo for 5 days ~ doing 2-3 treatments each day.  This (1:15sec) video was taken by this client on Day 3 of 5 (and shared here with his permission).